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[ Step 1 ] How to contact us


​ from the phone

From LINE official account

​ Via web form

[ Step 1 ] How to contact us

  • 必要事項をフォームに記入し、送信ください。

  • 24時間以内にスタッフよりご連絡させて頂きます。

Fill in the reservation details from the reservation form / LINE and send

Send a reservation confirmation email to your preferred email address

E-mail from this site is [] will be sent. Please set so that you can receive e-mail addresses. [Completion email] and [Reply email] may not be received, so please check the email settings on your PC/mobile phone/smartphone in advance.

bank transfer / credit card

Studio is prepaid.After confirmationwithin 3 days

​Confirmed reservation upon payment completion

Reservation completion email

[ Step 1 ] How to contact us

  • 30分無料にて環境・設備等をご確認いただけます。

  • お電話・予約フォームにてお申し込みください。

  • 予約優先の為、日程調整が入る場合があります。

[ Step 1 ] How to contact us




Temporary reservations (keep) and permanent reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, but customers with permanent reservations have priority.

From the minimum usage time, provisional reservations can be made in units of one hour.

Temporary reservation (keep) is valid until 6 days before the shooting date

Up to 20 days in advance in the case of use for 2 or more consecutive days (exhibitions, etc.)

Please note that if you are a 1st keep customer and do not contact us even after the deadline, priority will be given to customers after the 2nd keep.

If there is no contact after the deadline, it will be automatically cancelled. ​


If another customer makes a confirmed reservation while making a provisional reservation

Choose from the options below.

1. Change the day of the week

2. Switch to confirmed reservationUsage fee within 24 hoursofPlease pay.

3. Cancel tentative reservation​​


[ Step 1 ] How to contact us

  • お支払い完了後に(確定)本予約になります。

  • 予約開始の6日前まで無料でキャンセル可能


Date of useFiveday before ~that dayto



[ Step 1 ] How to contact us


  • 銀行振込

  • クレジットカード決済​


Please apply for confirmation when the shooting date is confirmed.

​Studio is prepaid.After confirmationwithin 3 daysPlease use bank transfer or credit card payment​.

​The reservation will be (confirmed) after the payment is completed.

You can cancel free of charge up to 6 days before the reservation starts. After confirming your reservationA cancellation fee will be charged.

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