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Atlantiq Studio(hereinafter referred to as "our company") respects the importance of personal information, and in order to ensure its protection, we comply with laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal information), guidelines, etc. We will set up a privacy policy as follows and conduct activities based on it.

Purpose of using social media

  • Our company conducts activities and disseminates information using social media for the purpose of having many people know more about our company.

  • Our companythrough social mediaAtlantiq StudioWe aim to become a company that is loved by customers for many years to come by disseminating information about our products and keeping in mind dialogue with customers. Specifically, we participate in social media for the following four purposes.

  • 1.Our companyTo gain a deep understanding of what products and services customers want by listening to their opinions and impressions.
    Our companyTo make our services known to more customers.
    Our companyto serviceOur companyTo let more customers know the thoughts of our employees.
    4. Through sincere dialogue with customers,
    Atlantiq Studioto increase trust in

Purpose of using social media

  • Our companyunderstands that social media is a place for communication based on personal connections, that it is open to the general public, and that information once posted cannot be completely erased. Participate in dialogue in a respectful manner.

  • 1. Regardless of the organization to which you belong or the form of employment,Our companyEmployees shall comply with national and local laws and regulations.To do.
    2. We will listen to the voices of our customers and actively provide information so that participating customers can have a beneficial experience.
    3. We will pay attention to the content of the information we transmit and how we transmit it, and try not to spread false information or mislead our customers.
    4. If we transmit incorrect information or make misleading expressions, we will promptly apologize and make corrections.
    5. We will disseminate information and engage in dialogue as a sensible person without misrepresenting our identity.
    6. We will comply with the rules of each social media established and operated by a third party, and respect the culture and manners of each social media.
    7. We will respect the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and other rights of third parties and take care not to defame them.

Social media terms of use

  • 1. When using this service, the user shall not perform the following acts (including acts that may cause such acts).

  • (1Our company, acts that infringe on the rights and interests of other users and third parties
    Our company, slander other users or other third parties, insult, damage honor, credibility, privacy, etc. (Our company, disclosing information that can identify individuals such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, etc. of other users or other third parties), or acts that interfere with business
    (3) Acts that violate the Public Offices Election Law
    (4) Acts of soliciting membership in religious organizations and other groups and organizations;
    (5) Acts of soliciting investment, donation, provision of funds, or purchase of goods or services;
    Our companyActs of introducing or soliciting the viewing of other websites that the Company deems inappropriate, or acts of using this service to download files.
    (7) Acts of diverting information obtained through this service for commercial purposes
    (8) Using this service
    Our company, the act of transmitting harmful programs or files such as viruses that interfere with the normal functioning of computer software and hardware to other users and other third parties
    (9) Acts of posting information or content that does not have legitimate authority to be posted on this site
    Our company, acts that hinder the provision and use of this service by other users or other third parties
    (11) Acts of accessing this site by illegal acts such as hacking, and acts of monitoring or duplicating all or part of this site
    (12) Any other act that violates the terms of use of SNS, public order and morals, laws or criminal penalties, or any other act that Shiseido deems inappropriate.

  • 3. If the user of this service violates this agreement,Our companymay delete posts by the user or restrict the use of this service by the user, and the user shall not object to this.

  • 4. The user of this service violates this agreement, or the user of this serviceOur company, In the event of tangible or intangible damage to another user or other third party, the user shall compensate for this at their own responsibility and burden, and seek other solutions.Our companyshall not cause any burden or inconvenience to

  • Five.Our companydoes not guarantee or authorize the content of information provided by users through this service. Therefore, even if the user suffers damage due to trusting the content,Our companydoes not take any responsibility.

  • 6. All copyrights (including the rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Law) of information posted by users through this serviceOur companybelongs to, and the user shall not exercise the author's moral rights regarding this. The user has no right to claim compensation for the attribution and waiver of such rights.

  • 7.Our companymay change the contents of these Terms of Use without obtaining the consent of users of this service. In this case, the Terms after the change shall beOur companywill naturally take effect at the time it is published on the website or by other means, and shall be subject to the application of this agreement after the user of this service is changed.

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