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- How to adjust ceiling lighting -

About Aputure / amaran lighting equipment

There are 6 lighting devices that can be controlled by the app.

1) Amaran 200X 1 light

200WColor temperature 2700K~6500K

CRI95+ TLCI96+ 51600 Lux @1M

Bowens mount

9 program lighting effects

2) Amaran 60X 5 lights

60WColor temperature 2700K ~6500K 

CRI96+ TLCI96+ 37775 Lux @1M

Bowens mount

8 program lighting effects


1. Turn on all light switches before operation

a. Wall light switchA/B onplease.

Light switch A

  Left side wall immediately after entering the entrance

​Lighting switch B

  makeup room mirror right wall

2. Can be operated with a dedicated app in the iPad terminal

a. Press the Home button on your iPad

b. The lighting app will automatically launch


3. How to start the application

a. Tap Scene01


b. Tap Reconnect


c. Connected display


d. Menu screen after connection


3. Operation screen

A. Selection of lighting equipment

​ You can adjust the lighting of the selected equipment.

​ ・200x is lighting equipment next to the entrance

・ 60x is numbered on the yellow sticker on the main unit

​ Look up at the ceiling and write the number on the sticker on the main unit

B. Light intensity/color temperature control

C. Preset color temperature selection





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