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novel coronavirus

Measures to prevent the spread of infection

ー Regarding Safety Initiatives ー

・Hand sanitizer is installed at the entrance of the studio and in the store.

・Clean and disinfect areas that are touched by multiple people with alcohol every time.

・Equipped with an anti-virus contact infection countermeasure sheet for the lighting switch.

Thorough ventilation during cleaning.

・A large air purifier made by Blue Air, which is compatible with 45 tatami mats, is installed.

・Installed UV-C air sterilizer with high sterilization performance.

ー How to use the air purifier ー


・Press the button on the front of the main unit to turn on the power.  

・The lamp lights up in white.

・Press once to turn on the power and start operating at speed 1.

Press twice to set speed 2.

・Press three times to set speed 3.

・Press four times to turn off the main unit.

ー How to use the air sterilizer ー


Effectively irradiates UV-C to the air.
Because it uses a powerful UV-C lamp,

Bacteria and viruses contained in passing air

Inactivates in just seconds.

・Press the power button on the top of the main unit to activate.

・The lamp lights up in white.

・Select the operation time with the timer button.

・Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to end the operation.

- Request for cooperation from customers -


wearing a mask


temperature measurement


disinfection of fingers


keep a certain distance

- Countermeasures against new coronavirus infectious disease -

We are taking measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection so that everyone who visits us can use the studio with peace of mind. At Atlantic Studios, we will continue to put the highest priority on "ensuring the safety and security of our customers and employees", and will continue to take all possible measures to prevent infection.

Store and employee initiatives


Equipped with disinfectant spray


Equipped with thermometer


24 hour ventilation


disinfection cleaning


IT automation

We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience for our customers.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Nodus Studio Co., Ltd.
Atlantiq Studio Division

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