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ー How to enter and exit ー

Personal identification number (PIN) is valid only during usage hours

How to enter and exit the studio

a. Take out the key from the key box by the following method

​b. Electronic warning beep sounds until keybox lid is closed

After using the studio

a. Turn off all power such as air conditioners and lighting equipment

b. Lock the entrance

c. Open the key box in the same way as when entering the room

​d. Put the key back into the key box and close the lid.

1. Show keypad


a. Tap the screen several times

b. Keypad backlighting

2. Enter your PIN


a. Enter the sent PIN

b. Tap the [key mark] on the bottom right

3. Open the lid


a. When you hear a beep

b. Open the lid by pulling it toward you

3. Close the lid


a. Replace the key and replace the lid

b. Confirmation electronic tone sounds

c. Electronic beep sounds until keybox lid is closed

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